7850 N Central Mount Pleasant, Arkansas 72561
(870) 291-1818
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Latest reviews for Rafter D Ranch 5/5.0 stars (5 reviews)

Love love love this cowgirl' s dream getaway. Safe for me AND my horse. It is a piece of heaven on earth. Great corrals for my horse. All of the amenities for camping including a super super clean bathroom and bathhouse. Kind and loving hosts in the form of Mike and Charlotte. Leave all of your cares behind when you pull in at Rafter D !!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the best horse trail riding camp ground in the state of Arkansas. Mike Davis can accommodate 5-35 well mannered crowds of all ages. He aims to please and means it when he says come as strangers and leave as friends. We love Rafter D Ranch!
This is a horse camp which offers excellent customer service as well as offering the cleanest facilities of any horse camp that I have visited.
Great place! It is exactly what a horse camping place should be! Bathrooms are pristeen, campsites are wonderful and Mike, Charlotte and Rawhide are wonderful people who make you feel right at home! I will definitely go back again and again!
It is the most wonderful place I have ever been. Super clean, neat, well marked trails, don't need a guide and you can go on your own. The owners and worker are really special, friendly and kind. Hey, they even have an arena to use. Panel stalls , super clean bath house , multi use banquet room, water and electric.... All you could ever want. My favorite place. I will be back!!!!!!!

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